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We have compiled a list of resources for you below.

Local Resources for Georgia

Georgia Crisis & Access Line 1-800-715-4225 – A searchable database that can help match those in need to professionals near them, can speak with a counselor on the phone and get assistance with mental health resources.

GA DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Primary: (404) 624-7638 Public Safety Support (For after-hours Peer Support emergencies, please call (404) 624-6077- Provides peer counseling statewide. Office of Public Safety Support (OPSS) was established to mitigate the potential psychological impact that critical incidents or traumatic events can have on the members of the Georgia Public Safety community. 

National Resources

988-is the new 3-digit number for the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline– Not first responder specific, but they can and will talk to anyone who needs help. We’ve been told by one of their founders they have a large number of first responders and veterans who volunteer.

Safe Call Now 1-206-459-3020 – A 24/7 help line staffed by first responders for first responders and their family members. They can assist with treatment options for responders who are suffering from mental health, substance abuse and other personal issues.

Fire/EMS Helpline 1-888-731-3473 – Also known as Share the Load. This is a program run by the National Volunteer Fire Council. They have a help line, text-based help service, and have also collected a list of many good resources for people looking for help and support.

Copline (Law Enforcement Only) 1-800-267-5463 – A confidential helpline for members of US law enforcement. Their website also has additional information on help and resources.

Frontline Helpline 1-866-676-7500 – This is run by Frontline Responder Services. It offers 24/7 coverage with first responder call-takers.

Veterans Crisis Line (Veterans only) 1-800-273-8255 & press 1, or text 838255 – A crisis line specifically for veterans of the US armed forces. list of local helplines for all 50 states. This list includes thousands of local call numbers for every state in the US. Calling a local number can help put you in contact with nearby resources like counselors or psychiatrists faster than calling a national line.

Additional Resources

FHE HEALTH-SHATTERPROOF PROGRAM– inpatient dual diagnosis program for 1st responders/veterans (mental health/PTSD/detox) (844) 413-7904

THE BIG RED BARN RETREAT– 1 week mental wellness program/post traumatic growth for 1st responders/veterans (803)716-9097

ALL CLEAR FOUNDATION– has resources, education

HELP FOR HEROESinpatient program for 1st responders/veterans (mental health/PTSD/detox)

APPS – Examples: Calm, Insight timer, Rain

Need Help finding a therapist as First Responders?

Check out this article we created, where we will give you tips and tricks on picking the right provider.
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